MSc Environmental Sciences Juliane Krenz

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Curriculum Vitae


University of Jena (D), Bachelor Studies in Biological and Geological Sciences, Bachelor Thesis: Influence of rare earth elements on plant growth promoting bacteria


University of Hohenheim (D) & Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala (S), Master Studies in Environmental Sciences in Europe: Soil, Water and Biodiversity with a focus on Climate Change and Water Resources. Master thesis: Measuring CO2 emissions from a small boreal lake and its connecting streams using floating chambers


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala (S), Field and Research Assistant in the field of Surface Water Hydrology

Since 09/2014

University of Basel (CH), PhD student. Research project: Land degradation and Carbon erosion in Southern Africa

Current Project

As a semi-arid area which only has been used for agricultural purposes since the 18th century the Karoo offers a good opportunity to study the history of land degradation and C erosion. Work undertaken has established a link between land degradation and overgrazing when European settlement began. Ongoing land-use change and shifting rainfall patterns resulted in the development of badlands and gully systems. With the ongoing agricultural intensification many dams and reservoirs have been constructed in the region to provide drinking water for cattle or to facilitate irrigation during dry periods. Nowadays, most of the dams are filled with sediments or even breached, offering the potential to use them as an environmental archive to analyse changes in land management, as well as carbon erosion and deposition within the catchment. Furthermore, the region exhibits characteristics typical for many semi-arid areas, enabling an extrapolation of results to further semi-arid rangelands in tropical and subtropical regions that are threatened by degradation and erosion.

Aims of the project

- Reconstructing the C-deposition in a catchment (and maybe a second catchment)
- Modelling the C-erosion in a catchment
- Modelling the effect of erosion on soil Carbon

Geographisch-Ethnologische Gesellschaft Basel (GEG)
Schweizerische Geomorphologische Gesellschaft  (SGmG)

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